Our department's faculty, staff, and students pride themselves on being active members of the University community at every level. Information regarding our involvement via committees can be found below.

General Committees

Our department's general committees support the day-to-day functions performed in the department—from administrative oversight to the promotion and tenure process.

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Undergraduate Program Committees

Our undergraduate committees continuously work to strengthen the undergraduate program through improved student recruitment, assessment and analysis of curriculum, and the generous financial support of our students.

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Intercollege Graduate Program Committees

Committees charged with guiding our intercollege graduate degree program are largely interdisciplinary, covering the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, the Eberly College of Science, and the College of Engineering.  Members of these committees are charged with everything from directing the overarching program and its curriculum to setting admission standards and making candidacy decisions.

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Student Committees

With popular student organizations like Keramos and Material Advantage, the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is fortunate to have such an active student population comprised of many strong leaders.

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MatSE Representatives to the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

As an important part of the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences, many of our faculty, staff, and researchers provide their perspectives and expertise on various college-wide committees and groups.

  • Academic Integrity Committee - Susan Trolier-McKinstry

  • Conflict of Interest - Erwin Vogler

  • Diversity Council - Joan Redwing

  • Facilities Planning Advisory Board - Joan Redwing

  • Faculty Advisory Committee - Zi-Kui Liu

  • Faculty Evaluation Commitee - Venkatraman Gopalan

  • Faculty Performance Evaluation Committee - Venkatraman Gopalan

  • Fixed-Term and Research Faculty Promotion Committee - Sarah Eichfeld

  • Fixed-Term and Research Faculty Advisory Committee - Yi Wang

  • International Program - Tarasankar DebRoy

  • IT Advisory Committee - Ismaila Dabo

  • Promotion and Tenure - Carlo Pantano

  • Scholarship - Allen Kimel

  • Undergraduate Programs Advisory Committee - Allen Kimel

MatSE Representatives to the University

Many members of our department give back to the University through their service on various University-wide groups and committees.

  • Conflict of Interest Monitor - Elizabeth Kupp

  • University Research Council - Carlo Pantano