General Committees

Our department's general committees support the day-to-day functions performed in the department—from administrative oversight to the promotion and tenure process.

Administrative Team

  • Susan Sinnott
  • Scott Henninger
  • Allen Kimel
  • Suzanne Mohney
  • Katina Bartley-Posney


Executive Committee

  • Susan Sinnott (Chair)
  • Suzanne Mohney (Ex Officio)
  • Allen Kimel (Ex Officio)
  • Carlo Pantano (Elected)
  • Zi-Kui Liu (Elected)
  • Ralph Colby (Elected)


Promotion and Tenure Committee 2015/16

  • Mike Chung (Chair)
  • Venkatraman Gopalan (5th Year)
  • Taransakar DebRoy (3rd Year)
  • Clive Randall (2nd year)
  • Evangelos Manias (1st year)
  • Lois Rice (Admin)


Professional Recognition Committee

  • Carlo Pantano (Chair)
  • Tarasankar DebRoy
  • Venkatraman Gopalan
  • Qing Wang

Mentoring Committee

  • Suzanne Mohney (Chair)
  • Jim Adair
  • Qing Wang