Internet / Network Access and Policies

All people using personal devices connected to the Penn State network agree to all policies governing the use of computers and the network. For further information, please review policy AD20.

Wireless Network Access

According to Penn State policy, all actions must be traceable back to a single user. Accordingly, all wireless network connections must be authenticated with a Penn State Access ID and password.

There are various wireless signals available in our area. They include:


This wireless network is available almost anywhere wireless is available on campus. Please note that this connection does not allow you to see computers and printers inside the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences firewall (Steidle, Hosler, Deike, etc.).


This wireless network is only available in building belonging to the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences (Steidle, Hosler, Deike, Walker, EESB, etc.). This connection is inside the EMS firewall and will allow you to connect to printers and local file servers in Steidle.


This is a wireless network for visitors. In order to access this network, you will need to buy a coupon from the Penn State Computer Store. One coupon is good for 24 hours of contiguous access.

Penn State

This wireless network will be decommissioned soon.

For specific directions on setting up wireless access on your devices, please refer to the following resources:


Wired Network Access

All University owned machines are set up to be used on the wired network with a static IP address. Rooms in Steidle Building feature multiple 100bT RJ45 port connections that can be used with any departmental devices. Empty ports on the wall are not usually turned on and are only activated when an IP address is requested.

All new machines must request their own IP address and not use an address from another machine.  Addresses from those that are leaving must be returned and not used on any other machine.

To request a new IP address or to move a machine to another port, please fill out the Network Access Request Form.

Personally-owned machines are not given a wired connection but can use the PSU wireless system..

All devices using the network in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences must adhere to all policies put forth by the College and by Penn State University, as well as all local, state and federal laws.

University Policies

Penn State University has created a variety of policies and procedures related to Information Technology that all students and employees should be familiar with and follow. These policies include:


College Policies

The College of Earth and Mineral Sciences has enacted Information Technology policies in addition to those set forth by the University. These policies can be found in the EMS Computing Knowledgebase.