Financial Assistance

iMATSE is a research-driven program. Most graduate students are supported by research assistantships that provide both a stipend and tuition. Offers for research assistantships are frequently made in coordination with faculty members who have identified a student for a particular research project. Therefore, direct communication with faculty members during the admissions process is encouraged.

Opportunities to teach are provided to interested graduate students later in their careers, but teaching assistantships are not a source of long-term support or a mechanism by which students can obtain support at the time of admission.

New Students

A few generous fellowships and supplemental awards are available to new graduate students. Applicants are automatically considered for all additional awards for which they are eligible:

University Graduate Fellowship

The Graduate School sponsors eighty University Graduate Fellowships. This prestigious fellowship program is available to incoming students and provides payment of tuition and stipend. Selection of the fellows is made by the College. Interested prospective students should contact the graduate program office for details on the College's deadline, requirements, and procedures. For more information, click here.

Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards Program

Bunton-Waller Graduate Awards are generally assistantships granted to incoming students as part of the University's comprehensive educational opportunity program. For more information, click here.

Fund for Excellence in Graduate Recruitment (FEGR)

In 1993, a program called “The Quality Enhancement Strategic Initiative Program” was launched by the Graduate School as a mechanism to support colleges in their efforts to recruit top quality graduate students. Beginning in 2000, the program was renamed the Fund for Excellence in Graduate Recruitment (FEGR), but its mission has not changed. The purpose of the fund continues to be to enhance the competitiveness of Penn State’s graduate student support. For more information, click here.

Continuing Students

Continuing students are eligible for additional awards at times during their graduate careers. In some cases, student must apply for these awards. Details are provided below:

Harold K. Schilling Dean's Graduate Scholarship

This annual scholarship (minimum $2,000) was created in memory of Dr. Harold K. Schilling, professor and former dean of the Graduate School. Competition for this scholarship is open to graduate students who have achieved superior academic records or manifest promise of outstanding academic success and whose course of study is relevant to science, religion and ethics. Applications are available online as a PDF file or from 209 Kern Building. For more information, click here.

Academic Computing Fellowship

The program is for doctoral students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who have a background and strong interest in computing applications within their disciplines. Fellows are awarded a $17,000 stipend plus payment of tuition and fees. In addition, a $2,000 grant is awarded to each fellow for educational activities such as travel to national conferences. Application forms are available online as a PDF file or in 209 Kern Building. For more information, click here.

Arnulf I. Muan Graduate Fellowship in Earth and Mineral Sciences

Muan fellowships are awarded by the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences for continuing graduate students who excel in their academic study and research.

Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award

The Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award was created to recognize and reward graduate assistants for outstanding teaching performance. The program is open to graduate students who have served as graduate assistants for at least two semesters within the last two years. Degree candidates carrying the title of instructor are not eligible for the award. Nominations may be submitted to the nominee's graduate officer or department head. Typically, ten awards are made in the amount of $500 each. Application forms are available online as a PDF file or in 209 Kern Building.

MRI Research Awards

Each year MRI Research Awards are given for the best B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. research thesis in Materials at Penn State.

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP)

For information on eligibility and application procedures, click here.

MRS Graduate Student Award

MRS Graduate Student Awards are intended to honor and encourage graduate students whose academic achievements and current materials research display a high order of excellence and distinction. For more details, click here.