Intellectual Property

The MatSE department welcomes interactions with industry in addition to welcoming industry interactions with our faculty.  Since July 1, 2012, Penn State has significantly changed its approach to managing intellectual property (IP) that resulted from industry-sponsored research. Now, the company sponsoring research has the option to request ownership of intellectual property resulting from a sponsored project. In such cases:

  1. Penn State will not seek to retain ownership of IP.
  2. Penn State will assign IP to the sponsor upon request.
  3. Penn State has the right to publish research results.
  4. Penn State has the right to practice IP for research and educational purposes.
  5. If Penn State research results lead to exceptional commercial success, the sponsor agrees to share proportionally with Penn State.
  6. Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Penn State Office of Industrial Partnerships

Penn State Office of Technology

Penn State’s Vice President for Research announces change to IP policies in a letter to Prospective Sponsors of Research