Polymer Physics Seminar in Materials Science and Engineering

Polymer Physics seminar in Materials Science & Engineering Department at The Pennsylvania  State University is a unique and stimulating event that provides opportunities for sharing frontiers in polymer science and engineering with our graduate students and faculty members.  

To Graduate Students: Research seminars are intended to train us to face audiences which ask very incisive and difficult questions. This will help us develop the skill of thinking on our feet. Realize that this is still a friendly audience, which can provide critical inputs.  The talk should not exceed an hour, including questions, and should definitely be at least 30 minutes long (bare, without questions).  It is the speaker's duty to learn how to alter the presentation according to the number and nature of questions posed by the audience.  The audience must also participate: the audience members must learn to ask intelligent and probing questions on scientific issues discussed by the speaker.  The motive is to expose the speaker's weaknesses and help him / her identify areas that need strengthening.

Terms of Engagement

1.  Everyone (faculty, post-docs and grad students) who is in town on the day of a seminar must attend.

2.  Seminars are held in 301 Steidle on Tuesdays, starting at 10:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M., unless otherwise noted.

3.  Contact U Hyeok Choi with your seminar title and abstract the Friday before you are scheduled to speak.