Audio/Video Conferencing

Both the department and the University offer a variety of ways to audio, video, or web conference with others. For further details, refer to the sections below.

Audio Conferencing

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers speaker phones for audio conferencing use in each of the Steidle conference rooms. The speaker phone provided is a Polycom SoundStation EX model with automatic gain control. This model of speaker phone does not handle multiple callers. To complete an audio conference call with multiple callers, you will need to set up a conference call through Consulting and Support Services (CSS) at Penn State.

Video Conferencing

Our department does not offer video conferencing equipment within Steidle Building. However, Penn State does offer various video conferencing locations across campus for both general use and departmental use only.

Web Conferencing

The University provides Adobe Connect as its official web conferencing tool that can be used for online meetings, e-Learning, and webinars. Users can join an web conference room using their Penn State Access Account, a Friends of Penn State Account, or a guest account. Visit the Meeting@PennState site for more information.

Other web conferencing tools that are not endorsed by the University, but that are used by a large number of people include Skype, Google+ Hangouts, and Facetime (Mac OS X and iOS devices only). Please check with your systems administrator before using any of these tools.