Multimedia Support

The department's Multimedia Specialist is available to lead and assist with your multimedia needs—from web design and development to graphic design and social media strategy. For issues not addressed below, please e-mail for further details.

MatSE Website

The departmental website is administered by the Multimedia Specialist. Users are allowed to log into the site using their Penn State Access Account and can be assigned various roles/responsibilities based on their status and needs. Users that need to have access to certain areas of the site should contact the Multimedia Specialist to be assigned the proper permissions.

Other Websites

Student associations, research groups, and other entities are encouraged to use to build a website to suit their needs.  This resource makes it simple to publish content on the web by using the open source and widely customizable WordPress platform.  For details visit

Wordmarks and Logos

Penn State logos are supplied for your use in University and departmental projects and presentations. Click Here to go to Wordkmarks and Logos download page