Links & Forms

The links and forms below have been provided by our department and Environmental Health and Safety at Penn State as resources to help create and maintain a safe research environment.

Manuals & Plans

Materials Science and Engineering Safety Manual - A department-specific manual addressing safety issues relevant to materials research.


EHS's Near Miss / Lessons Learned Reports - Learning tools from incidents reported to EHS.

MatSE Near Miss Reports - A valuable resource to learn about potential hazards from real world incidents.

TOXNET - A governmental resource used to look up toxicological information on chemicals.

ChemRest - Glove Selection Guide


Electronic Report of Injury - All accidents and injuries should be reported to your supervisor (not matter how minor) so an Accident Report can be filled out. For more information, refer to Penn State Policy SY04.

Hazard Analysis Tool (HAT) - A tool developed by the department to aid in the analysis of possible hazards for an experiment.

Laboratory Door Information Form - A University-wide door sign detailing lab information and hazards.

Laboratory Safety Inspection/Audit Form - A University-wide form used to inspect and audit a lab for safety hazards.

Laboratory Waste Management Log Book - A University-wide document containing information on chemical storage, logging and management of chemical waste. Includes the Weekly Chemical Waste Accumulation Form.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Form - A University-wide form used to generate a lab-specific set of procedures for safely working with hazardous chemicals. For more information on SOPs and how to write them, please view the EHS SOP Training.

Unit Specific Plan Form - A University-wide form used to detail unit and lab specific safety hazards and plans.

Weekly Eyewash Inspection Form - A form used for testing and maintenance of lab eyewash stations.