International Internship in Materials (IIM)

globeOur department has our own international internship program where qualifying students may travel abroad to work on a research project with others from around the world.  The goal of the International Internship in Materials Program is to enrich the learning experience by immersing them in an international research activity.

Likewise, we provide reciprocal opportunities for international students from our partner institutions.  This allows those students to receive the same experience as our undergraduates, while exposing our resident students to international perspectives and cultures.

The students selected for this program will be offered research internships based on the collaborations between departmental faculty members and faculty at partner institutions. Since these internships are highly structured research programs, students are able to use their research in support of technical electives and/or senior thesis (a requirement for all MatSE students).

The International Internship in Materials (IIM) Program is supported by generous gifts from industry partners.

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