IIM Student Checklist

Starting the process 

•​ Complete the application (available online here) and return to Cindy Lake, Room 113 Deike Building or via email (cll12@psu.edu).


12 months prior to departure

Discuss plans with family members.

Review your financial situation and determine a budget before meeting with Dr. Messing.  

4-6 months prior to departure

Schedule an in-person interview with Dr. Messing.  The department will contact the host University concerning the students’ interest in attending.

Applicant will be notified of acceptance via offer letter from the MatSE based on the response from the IIM host school.

Become informed about host location.  

Work with host school to apply for passport or VISA.

2-3 months prior to departure

Review housing options with host school coordinator.

Finalize a research topic with MatSE 484W advisor and host advisor.  Write up all expectations with MatSE advisor.

Apply for VISA through the host school (if required).  Complete all necessary paperwork and provide documents as needed.

Discuss travel arrangements with Cindy Lake.  Book flight through Cindy Lake to ensure best rate is locked in and to reduce costs.  MatSE will pay for the flight.

Register for MATSE 484W:  International Internship in Materials:  Research Definition and Methodology.

1 month prior to departure

Ensure you have submitted all required forms and that you have all travel documents.

Explore Skype for convenient and affordable communication.

While studying at host location

Check emails and respond accordingly.

Stay in contact with family, friends, and faculty advisors.

Send photos and stories to Cindy Lake to update website (cll12@psu.edu).